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Choosing Japandi For Your Home In The City

Suhaib, our Interior Designer and Senior Visualizer, is a big fan of the Japandi style of interiors, a relatively new trend that blends Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics, rooted in simplicity, functionality and comfort using natural elements.

This style garners a sense of tranquility. It is an epitome of the phrase ‘less is more’, where the functionality bring comfort. The style uses light colours and clean lines to put together bright spaces. Every element is intentionally created with a function and purpose. A colour palette of calm and cool neutrals compliments Japandi well . Eco-friendly aesthetics form the core of Japandi, making it especially popular today.

People that need a calm, neat and relaxing environment to unwind in, usually lean towards this style of interiors. Ideal for those that value their spiritual being, physical health and mental wellness, for those that have busy days and would like a sanctuary to return to, a sanctuary to call home. Hygge, the Japanese notion of comfort that emphasizes contentment and well-being, is the philosophy behind Japandi, allowing those that choose this style to turn their homes into their sanctuary. 

The rustic, rural feel that Japandi infuses in a home, is often reminiscent to the rural coziness of homes outside the city, a feeling our clients raised at the outskirts, in villages and near small water bodies, love to imbibe in their homes. It’s a way to bring the beauty of rural, rustic imperfections married with comfort and functionality into big metropolitan cities like Bangalore.

Detailings of this style use wood-work and natural colours, wall cladding with a natural texture. Carved wardrobes with details of nature and a customized cot that replaces the regular modular bed breathes life into Japandi.

Veterans’ in house manufacturing unit allows for limitless possibilities of customization, tailored to our clients desires, making Japandi style of interiors easily accessible to our fellow Bangaloreans. More questions? Book a free consultancy with us today!

Sidharth Menon
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