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Color schemes for your home decor


Significance of color schemes for home decor in 2019


In this fast-paced world, no one really seems to have the time to stop and relax for a minute. Everyone is in a rush to get somewhere all the time. We seldom find some time for ourselves or some time off from the pressures and problems that life has to offer. Now, when we do find some time, we would prefer to be in an equable or blithe environment. Did you know that color schemes in home decor plays an important role in inducing your mood positively or negatively?. Well YES!. Psychologists across the globe have studied the mood moderating properties of each color in the color scheme. They have mixed and matched millions of colors to get the best outcomes that are tailored to attain a peculiar mood setting. Interior designers have emulated this trend and kept themselves updated with the latest fashion in color schemes for differed mood stimulation. So here’s a guide that will aid you to choose the best color schemes for home decor.


Color schemes for home decor

Modern foyer for home decor

Speaking of colors and personality


Choosing a color for your home is no easy task, as there is a vast multitude of color blends, with one scheme better than the previous scheme. Colors that are chosen by you for your living space are said to be reflections of your personality or behavioral traits to some extent. Since colors play a significant role in the tone and demeanor of your beloved home, you should always be wary of the different repercussions and results entwined. For instance, the color green spreads a sense of calm and serene surroundings and is much closer to nature than any other color, while orange emanates a more energetic vibe. As each color speaks a different tale, we have to make sure we write our fable with apt colors.


Choosing the best color schemes for home decor


A seasoned interior designer knows his/her color palettes to the fairest bit of detail. Hence, an interior designer should be able to help you with color schemes for your home interiors. We will discuss some of the trending color schemes that are suitable for a modern home interior styling in 2019.


Modern dining area

Modern dining space with contemporary design


Living room


Your living room is where you typically spend most of your time at home, so it is extremely important to keep the space lively and positive. So we suggest you choose a bright and vibrant color setting for your living room. The bright shades of green, yellow, blue or orange are great picks for your living room. Brighter colors are said to increase the visually perceived space of a room and tend to dispense positive vibes. These are the trending color schemes for home decor in 2019!.


Bright colored living space

Bright colored living space




The bedroom is mainly used for sleeping and chiefly focused on relaxation periods. Typically, the lighter and soothing shades are used for bedrooms as they exude a sense of calmness and tranquility. Icy blues and greens tend to derive a peaceful and composed poise. Soft grey with a tinge of contrasting colors can also be a great choice if you want your bedroom to have a more contemporary touch. A bedroom that has an excellent color blend can positively impact your relaxation intervals. A kids’ bedroom may contain more vibrant and playful colors to foster to their dynamic needs.


Color schemes for home decor

Icy blues for your bedroom interior design




The kitchen is a space for constant innovation, luscious preparations and, trial and error. It is crucial to keep this space open and spirited. Do not choose a gloomy or deplorable color setting for your kitchen as it can negatively affect your appetite and impel a spell of unhealthy food habits. There are many blends of colors to opt from for your kitchen interiors and it all depends on your idea of an ideal kitchen setting. Some trendy kitchen color combinations that have never gone out of fashion are classic blues and greys, cool grey with white, clean white, signature red and white and the bright citrus kitchen colors. 


Color schemes for home decor

Elegant kitchen interiors


Dining hall


The dining area is where the family interactions are at a maximal and to keep an atmosphere for open conversations, it is vital to avoid communication-inhibiting colors such as navy blue, black or any dark and gloomy shades. Bright shades of red and orange radiate positive energy and entice excitement. Colors that facilitate an open environment for communication are to be reviewed while opting for a suitable color setting for your dining room interiors.


Color scheme for home decor

Modern dining room interiors




Did you know that 19 November is designated as the World Toilet Day by the World Toilet Organization?. It was an initiative to spread the issues related to sanitation and its impact on the human race. Let us not forget that an average human spends about 92 days in a washroom in his/her lifetime. So it is naturally important to choose a suitable color scheme for your bathroom as well. We can play around with a lot of color schemes in the case of a bathroom as it is a more individual specific deal. The latest color scheme trends that are observed are neutrally shaded outlooks and bathrooms with contrasting color combinations. So consult with our experienced and seasoned interior designers at Veterans Interiors and get started with the quest of setting up your dream home!.


Modern bathroom

Modern dark themed bathroom interiors


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