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Why choose the modular design for your home interiors?  [caption id="attachment_466" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Modular design for your kitchen interiors[/caption]   Definition of modular design  Modular design is the concept of creating functionally partitioned spaces that are easy to redesign and reuse. Standard or universal interfaces are to be used in modular designs as this increases the possibility of redesigning the interiors as well as the variability in functionality that can be obtained. Most of the modern designs are inspired by modular designing concepts. Modular interior designs are never out of trend due to the constant innovation happening in the field and also owing to...

  Significance of choosing the apt finishing material As the Earth rotates, man is busy exploring and developing innovative means of living. Finding suitable raw materials for all that he/she fabricates is a task, that humans have to discover the most optimum materials depending on their requirements. When it comes to home interiors, the possibilities are endless. Yet, while pondering over the efficiency of the end products, there are certain limitations and pitfalls that need to be addressed. The chemical and physical qualities of any material are first thoroughly studied and evaluated, before determining the feasibility factors associated with its utility. Once...